CH Newlin Yorker

CH Bondlea Poet x Newlin Nonesense

When the time came to mate Nonsense (Ch Rivenlea Gangster x Ch Newlin Opium) we couldn't decide where to send her. At a Scottish Beagle Club show we watched all the males carefully and nothing moved the way we wanted. We had to wait until veteran dog to find her mate - Marion Hunt's Ch Bondlea Poet, a wonderfully free moving hound. Marion returned home without him that day and he stayed at Newlin to mate Nonsense.

From the litter of 4 we kept Yazz and Yorker. Yazz was the better of the two but not the slightest bit interested in showing so Yorker was campaigned to his 14 CC's and 15 RCC's. He lacked head but his outstanding movement carried him through.

He also produced well, siring Ch Indy and Ch Bright Future Charm, Aus. Ch. Kenzed Wanderer from Bondlea and Ir Ch Kenzed Weaver.


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Champion Bondlea Poet Beacott Bellman CH Beacott Buckthorn CH Southcourt Wembury Merryboy
CH Beacott Cornevon Minuet
Beacott Bauble of Salcin CH Southcourt Hatchet
CH Beacott Cornevon Minuet
Chasedene Carmen of Bondlea Brackenvale Bellman CH Dufosee Harris Tweed
Brackenvale Actress
Chasedene Cornelia Chasedene Cruiser
Chasedene Catkin
Newlin Nonsense Champion Rivenlea Gangster CH Julemark Hotspur by Nedlaw Nedlaw Nightowl
Leeshir Sunflower at Julemark
Clarino Hollyhock of Rivenlea Pancrest Sirocco
CH Clarino Buttercup
Champion Newlin Opium CH Newlin Prefect CH Korwin Monitor
Newlin Nutmeg
Norcis Roxanne at Newlin CH Dufosee Radleigh of Tragband
CH Norcis Hannah
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