USA CH Newlin Abbie from Tragband

CH Dialynne Tolliver of Tragband x CH Newlin Upsadaisy



From the fabulous A litter Abbie was exported to Terri Gianetti and Ted Svedala of the famous Beowolf kennels in the USA. She quickly gained her title and is the first Scottish Beagle to gain an American title and only the second UK Beagle to gain their Championship in the USA.



Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Champion Dialynne Tolliver of Tragband Champion Soloman of Dialynne CH Dialynne Gamble Am CH Appeline Validay Happy Feller
CH Dialynne Nettle
Kittoch Garland CH Beacott Buckthorn
Kittoch Glittered
Tragband Sweet Bird of Youth CH Dialynne Nimrod of Ramlacim CH Dialynne Blueboy
Dialynne Kelly of Cranwood
CH Too Darn Hot For Tragband CH & AM CH Graadtre's Hot Pursuit Of Rossut
Dicarl Gay's The Word of Araki
Champion Newlin Upsadaisy Champion Newlin Gempeni Truant CH Newlin Prefect CH Korwin Monitor
Newlin Nutmeg
Newlin Picnic CH Dialynne Pedlar
Newlin Kersey
Madika Talkback to Newlin CH Tragband In Town Tonight at Newlin CH Dufosee Influence
CH Too Darn Hot For Tragband
Dunnybrae Oyster CH Newlin Prefect
Eskaidee Thinggy
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