Newlin Lara

Ch Newlin Prefect x Norcis the Hustler at Newlin

Lara was not meant to live and at three weeks was weak and small and being bottle fed.

However she pulled through and became a real favourite.
She was no great showgirl but her claim to fame was her colour. As Lara grew she began to look to us more and more like a mottle but we knew this was impossible.
We were so certain she was mottle that we took her to see Andrew Smalley whose knowledge about hound colour is unsurpassed.
We said nothing but asked him to examine her and to verify the colour. After close examination he declared she was a mottle with black pads and an unbroken black lipline. We then brought out mum Norcis the Hustler (who was out of a mottle bitch) and he said with certainty that she was tan and white. Ch Prefect, her father, was a tricolour who Andrew knew well as he had judged him.
So there we are - was our little Lara the one to rewrite the books about colour - a mottle with no mottle parent but one mottle grandparent ?

On the right with Just William