Newlin Nightjar (Jarvis)

Ch Fallowfield Douglas x Ch Newlin Bright Future Charm


This stunning young dog won well as a youngster and mated to Rossgay Raya produced Rossgay Ribe 2 CC's
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Champion Fallowfield Douglas Champion Norcis Mousseltoff CH Dialynne Tolliver of Tragband CH Soloman of Dialynne
Tragband Sweet Bird of Youth
Norcis Carpediem CH Norcis the Fisher King
CH Norcis Poosie Nancy
Champion Fallowfield Dilly Norcis Murphy's Law CH Norcis Moonweaver
Norcis Odile
Fallowfield Beauty CH Dialynne Solison
Fallowfield Bauble
Champion Newlin Bright Future Charm Champion Newlin Yorker CH Bondlea Poet Beacott Bellman
Chasedene Carmen of Bondlea
Newlin Nonsense CH Rivenlea Gangster
CH Newlin Opium
Newlin Buttons CH Tragband In Town Tonight at Newlin CH Dufosee Influence
CH Too Darn Hot For Tragband
Newlin Nonsense CH Rivenlea Gangster
CH Newlin Opium
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