The Newlin kennel was founded by Liz Calikes in the early 1970’s with the purchase of Eskaidee Snoopy and Eskaidee Peanut from George Cook purely as pets of course.

Being a conscientious new owner it was decided to take the pups to training class where, of course, they were much admired and they subsequently ended up in the show ring. They did amazingly well at Open show level both winning BPIS awards.

Naturally they were mated and a puppy retained - Newlin Nutmeg, who went on to produce the first Newlin champion.

For those who are interested, at that time Liz lived at a property called New Linmill. The first choice of affix was Linmill, but this was already the affix of a Scottish Beardie breeder so the second choice of Newlin became the kennel name.

In 1980  David Bradley (formerly  Dufosee) joined forces and since then all the dogs have been jointly owned and bred until David's death.

After David's arrival it was decided to set up a Boarding Kennel to be run by David as Liz was working full time in education. This was an arrangement that worked well, in that, during school holidays Liz was at home and able to help out at the busiest times. It also meant that David could show the dogs at midweek shows when it was impossible for Liz to be away.

David with Talkback at the Beagle Club Centenery show in 1990

The Boarding Kennels were closed in1999 and in 2001 the Newlins moved to their present location at Carluke in  South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

In 2005 Liz decided  that her Headteacher post of 15 years had become sufficiently stressful to consider retiring early . In December that year she hung up her hat and has never looked back.
She now enjoys working with the dogs on a daily basis and attending shows she was unable to compete at previously.

Sadly on 20th November 2008 David died, suddenly but peacefully, leaving a legacy of beautiful Beagles respected for their movement and breed type.
His greatest moment was judging at Crufts in 2007 with, what was then, a record entry - he was so very proud............

Liz will continue to breed and exhibit the Newlins on a much more restricted basis.


Has anyone found the keys?